ABP Servo Voltage Stabilizer

A protective shield used by almost all expensive electrical appliances, which also increases the life of the appliance. Protection of the appliance is essential to avoid disruptions during operation and regulating the output voltage. ABP Powers has been in the business for supplying the Voltage Stabilizers, with also a specialty in Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Devices such as Air Conditioners, television, refrigerator and computers generally utilize stabilizers to manage voltage fluctuation.The applications are for almost every type of industry, since maximum industry uses these basic appliances lately. Each type of office now requires appliances, which provide convenience in running operations smoothly.
Our testimonials have spoken well and have done even better every next time. The requirement of voltage stabilizer in various industries has been well taken care of by us. From basic call centres, corporate offices, central air conditioning in industrial plants or hospitals, and in fact a complete hospital and lab care for sophisticated research and operating machinery, the fields of application are numerous and important too.

The best Voltage Stabilizer by ABP Powers

Staying updated with the latest incoming technology has been a consistent pattern for us to follow. Expensive appliances do exert load on the overall current flow and hence the best solution is to install a stabilizer. Our expertise in designing and experience of providing the superlative to the specialized industry is unmatched. Hence, the customers come back to us for the services they always wanted.
Since all the lab equipment/ machines, IT centres at corporates, financial service offices, digital labs, medical equipment and what not work on appliances that take up more load, it is better to have a stable and necessary output so that there is no overload on the system.

The main features of the ABP Powers Voltage Stabilizer are:

1. High Efficiency and fast correction rate

2. NO waveform distortion

3. BIS Standards compliance

4. Load power factor not a concern

5. Indicators available for over and under voltage

Choose ABP Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Choosing the right KVA of a Servo Stabilizer

• KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. of lift * 3

• KVA of Stabilizer = Tonnage of A.C. plant * 2

• KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. for Resistive loads

• KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. or K.W./ Power factor for Reactive loads.