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Power is your Business Life Line. The more you have the better for your business growth and productivity and losing it may prove disastrous for your business.

Rollar type Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Leniar Copper wounded Oil cooled 3Phase , Digital Display Rating 40KVA to 1000KVA

ABP Online UPS

IGBT Based, Digital Display Rating 5KVA - 100KVA

ABP Online UPS

APT model with Isolation transformer , IGBT Based , Double Conversion, Rating 1KVA to 80KVA

ABP Servo Voltage Stabilizer

ABP Servo Voltage Stabilizer 3Phase Digital Display. Deemer with Transformer Based Oil cooled Rating 50KVA to 2000KVA

ABP Constant Voltage transformer

ABP Constant Voltage transformer Single Phase from 0.5KVA to 5KVA

ABP Online UPS

ABP Online UPS , Digital Display for IT Load Double conversion with Inbuilt/External Battery backup options Rating 1KVA to 3KVA

HT Transformer

What is a High Voltage Transformer? A high voltage transformer is a type of transformer that operates at a high voltage level.


HT Panel is like LT Panel except that it is used for high tension cables. LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that receives power from generator or transformer and distributes the same to various electronic devices and distribution boards.

Automatic Rescue Device

This optional device performs an automatic emergency run in case of power failure. Once that the safety conditions have been verified, it drives the car to the nearest floor level, in the most favourable direction, and opens the doors.